The Last Farm v0.11 Released

The Last Farm v0.11 is now available on Steam. You can find full patch notes for the update below.

The current plan is for the next update to be in 2 weeks, and this one should include some additional content. These plans are always fluid due to the nature of being a solo dev, but that is the current goal. I've received a lot of great feedback on the Steam discussion page, so feel free to drop in and share any thoughts you have on the game!

-- v0.11 -- UI

  • Added an option to control when the red tile highlighter is displayed.
  • The game no longer uses the default windows cursor.
  • Improved information displayed about food values in various places.
  • Notification is displayed when game is saving.


  • You can now interact with NPCs repeatedly.
  • Plants and animals in the world can now be targeted by the genetic analyser.
  • All shops will now buy all items, regardless of type.


  • Taking a screenshot (F9) will no longer open the screenshot directory by default. You can still have it open the directory by using Shift+F9.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause items to become slightly offset when reloading the game. This will be corrected in existing savegames, but only if you have not re-saved your game since the error occurred.
  • Fixed an issue which would prevent exploration missions from showing up on the mission board after hearing rumours from NPCs.
  • The Gene scanner can no longer be opened using the keyboard shortcut (O) while the item isn't in your inventory.